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Monday, November 05, 2007

In Memoriam: Preeshena Varshiny (1988 - 2007)

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This truly is brutality personified... and in Malaysia, no less. No one deserves such a fate, much less someone so young.

Before even having the opportunity to recover from the news of Kha Mun's tragic death, Walski's sense of humanity was assaulted, again. And this time, the brutality even outdid Nurin Jazlin Jazimin's terrible fate.

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The NST on Sunday carried the story of a 9-year old girl, Preeshena Varshiny, who was raped, sodomized, then thrown off the balcony of one of the units at an upmarket, guarded condominium in Selayang, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur.

Her body was found sprawled on the ground by a security guard about 4pm on Thursday. She was clad in a blue T-shirt and shorts and the keys to her condominium were found next to her body.

Her father who is a marketing and technical manager and her mother, who works in a human resource department, suspect that Preeshena was abducted from their unit on the ninth floor.

Her 40-year-old father, who declined to be named, said his daughter called him on Wednesday afternoon claiming someone was knocking loudly on the front door.

Preeshena was alone at home. Her elder brother was away at a boarding school while her younger sister was sent to a baby-sitter.

"I told her not to open the door. I reminded her that we have the keys to the unit and we would open and let ourselves in after work," he told the New Straits Times at his condo last night.

Her father's nightmare came true on Thursday afternoon when he got a call from police. He rushed to the condominium and saw his daughter's broken body.

The parents suspect that Preeshena was forcibly taken when she opened the door to the assailant on Thursday.

"She never leaves her house without her slippers. Her slippers are still here.

"The condominium keys were also found next to her body."

(source: NST)

To say that this angers Walski would be an understatement. It's difficult to imagine what kind of animal would do such a thing - in fact, to call the perpetrator an animal would be an insult to animals. Even animals don't act as brutally to their young.

Has Malaysian society become so decrepit that a person can bring themselves to do such a inhumanly heinous crime against an innocent, defenseless 9 year old? And being that this occured in a condominium with security, is there anywhere we can consider safe anymore?
(home alone, and more, in the full post)

In places such as the UK and the US, and most likely much of Europe, leaving an underaged individual at home, alone, without adult supervision, is against the law. Walski is not certain where the law stands as far as this is concerned in Malaysia, but he is guessing that there are no such regulations.

Let's face it - the days of carefree childhood, where one can wander in relative safety on their own, are over. It's time that the Government formulate similar child protection laws that are in force elsewhere in the more civilized and devloped parts of the world. No more "Western values" bullshit defense against not putting together reasonable laws to protect children - and to enforce these regulations.

Enforcement costs money - but if such enforcement can lessen the possibility of such senseless tragedies, then it is definitely money well-spent, and Walski as a taxpayer, would fully support his tax ringgit being utilized for such purposes.

Don't get him wrong - Walski's sympathies go to the parents - but this culture of latchkey kids is, in part, to blame for this tragedy. And there are undoubtedly many kids around the same age that have no choice but to stay at home alone while the parents are out at work. Instituting laws that make this illegal may be a burden on parents at first, but looking at the bigger picture, it would minimize the risk of such young kids falling prey to predatorial nut cases that have not a sliver of humanity left in them.

And to the motherfucking bastard(s) who did this to Preeshena, may you rot in hell, but not before living the rest of your miserable lives in the pain of guilt, and the agony of living every moment knowing what a worthless, sorry excuse for a sentient being you are.

May God bless the soul of Preeshena...