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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wedding? What wedding?

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Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has denied any "impending marriage", and says it's all rumors (via Bernama).

"They are all rumours. Only rumours," he told reporters after a briefing by the Bank Negara board of directors here Tuesday.

A smiling Abdullah fended off questions from reporters with "Only Rumours" several times.

(Full report here)

Well, whaddaya know... Be that as it may, if the man says there's no marriage, then there's probably no marriage. Maybe. We'll see.

But speaking of rumors, Walski couldn't help but be reminded of this classic from Depeche Mode, courtesy of YouTube.
(The Rumor, in the full post)

Not the music video of the song, but a short film, based on Blasphemous Rumours (by Depeche Mode), and produced by a student cinema-television workshop at the University of Southern California (directed by independent film maker Jeff Cowan, likely during his student days).

If you're familiar with the song and its lyrics, the "storyline" should be quite obvious...