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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cinejam! - Rock 'n Roll at 25 frames per second

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Music and film - like two peas in a pod. And this event brings these two dynamic elements into one evening's worth of funky convergence.

Image hosting by Photobucket... where music and film collide...

Admission to the event is free, but by invitation only. How to get invited? Easy, RSVP by sending an e-mail to Tony Pietra, with your full name, plus the names of whomever you are plannig to drag along. Alternatively, you can also RSVP via SMS to +60 12 238 8867 (with the same details). But make sure your RSVP gets in before 1pm on March 8, though.

Cinejam kicks off at 9:30pm on Thursday, March 8, 2007, at KL Jam Asia, in Desa Sri Hartamas.
(event highlights, how to get there, and more, in the full post)

If you're not sure how to get to Jam Asia, perhaps the location map below may be of help (courtesy of Lemang Music). Jam Asia is located at 19-1 Jalan 22A/70A (call them at +60 3 6201 8962 if you get horribly lost).

Image hosting by PhotobucketJam Asia location finder-helper

There are several reasons why Walski will most probably attend. First and foremost, to get a little respite from life, it's associated drudgery and malcontent. Everybody needs a good night out once in a while.

Second (and more important), there will be a lot of talent featured. The e-mail invite that Walski got stated that there will be Short Films, Music Videos, Experimental Films, Documentaries, and Animation, from a dirty dozen of talent (for the benefit of the uninitiated, Walski's provided links to some of the name references used, via Wikipedia):

► CHI TOO - Free jazz, with a local flavor!

► HELEN MERETE - She'll eat Lydia Lunch for lunch! In stop motion!

► JOHAN JOHN - If Lou Reed made Malaysian flicks ...

► JORDAN SULEIMAN and STUDIO VOXEL - Mick and the Stones if they were 21st-century Dada artists.

► KHAIRIL M. BAHAR aka Mr. CIPLAK - "DIY or Die!" The love child of Joe Strummer and James Brown.

► KHOO ENG YOW - A one-man Philip Glass chamber orchestra.

► LYDIA LUBON and YAZID AHMAD - The White Stripes reincarnated as a Dynamic Doco-Duo!

► MIEN LOR - Silence spoken through the resonant volume of a Patti Smith song.

► MOHD NIZAM BIN ABDUL RAZAK and LES' COPAQUE PRODUCTIONS - All the entertainment value of the Beastie Boys, rendered in 3-D!

► MUHAMMAD ANAS - If Trent Reznor was a Pixar animator ...

► TONY PIETRA - Just a schmuck. He wants to be Vegas Elvis (in his own words, not Walski's)

In addition, some familiar faces will be featured on-screen, like Ben's Bitches, Soft Touch and Pete Teo. Sounds like an evening of artful adventure, and sonic fun. So, if you don't wanna miss it, who you gonna mail/text?

You know the drill...