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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sluggishly moving packets: A traffic update

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Slow moving packets...

Telekom Malaysia (TM) has today issued a press statement, indicating that the disrupted service, due to damage suffered by the APCN2 sub-sea cable (as a result of the Taiwan earthquake) has now been restored by more than 50%, with full restoration by January 20th. (via NST).

Image hosting by PhotobucketAnother 2 weeks before we're fully back to 100% slow Streamyx-ness

Yes, the throughput does seem to have improved somewhat. However, most of Walski's surfing still requires the use of a proxy server. Walski does wonder, however, when service gets restored 100%, will it be really broad, or the same sluggish 100% we've all come to loathe love?

What's interesting is that the actual disruption only affected 7 GBps of the total (theoretical) 21 GBps bandwidth - as reported by Taikor Jeff a few days back. So, who's been hogging the remaining 66% capacity? From the Screenshots article:

"By right, big corporate entities should usurp the bandwidth of their VPN, leased lines and satellite links for their businesses -- all these are mandatory redundancy backups for business continuity -- and relieve the public internet bankwidth to the general public."

Meanwhile, (at least till Jan 20) Walski's proxy settings remain enabled as-is...
(more of the TM in-DUH-vidual's statement, in the full post)

Interestingly enough, the TM press statement also had this to say:

He said the disruption highlighted the sheer number of local sites which were not locally hosted although Malaysia had more than sufficient capacity for web hosting services.

With all the pseudo-threats of censoring the Internet (despite guarantees in the MSC Charter, that there will not be), or at least putting the screws to it (read: surveillance), made by some Cabinet Ministers of late, does anyone with a functioning brain need to really wonder why?

Cost-effectiveness, and right-to-privacy are probably two important factors which come to mind for a consumer looking for hosting services...

"Capacity" is in the mind of the provider