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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Slow moving packets...

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It was the 7.1-on-the-Richter scale earthquake that hit off the coast of Taiwan, that's why. (Initially reported by Jeff Ooi - Update: also reported by the BBC)

And because the packets are moving at a tremendously slow pace thru cyberspace, especially to areas of it physically residing outside the country, this post is about all you're gonna get for today.

Unless the traffic situation gets better, that is.

As things stand, them packets are moving slower than moving 3,000 metric tons of crap out of Segamat. Or a broken conveyor belt at the sushi bar. But at least at the sushi bar, Walski can get up and snag a plate himself. Can't do that in cyberspace, unfortunately - unless, of course, the William Gibson cyberpunk thing becomes reality.

For some reason, however, Blogger seems okay...

Johor, on the other hand, is not. And the flood situation just seems to get from worse to horrible...