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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mutant Mullah: Hormone Overload

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Walski's foreword: It's been way too long since the last Mutant Mullah post. This rebuttal should really have come out earlier, but since Walski actually has a life outside of cyberspace, this had to wait a day. And so, without further ado, the latest, and grossly overdue, installment of the Mutant Mullah posts.

Image hosting by PhotobucketCretin-like behavior of certain people, who are otherwise intelligent, can probably best be explained by hormonal imbalance.

Yes, UltraMENJ, Walski is talking about you.

In response (to use the word loosely) to Walski's earlier post, UltraMENJ's hormone levels must have simply gone off the charts, and away he went on one of his abusive verbal diarrhoea tirades. Among other things, he called Walski an annoying little asshole (which is not an issue with Walski; sticks and stones, and all that).

Why? Probably because Walski attacked the political party, PAS, which in his wildest wet dreams, he would like to one day represent in a constituent somewhere. That's what he mentioned in one of his posts sometime back anyway, so it's not something Walski made up.

Speaking of wet dreams, UltraMENJ gets them from time to time, because he's madly in love, it seems. Well, dude, do the rest of the blogsphere a favor, and get married (or jack off, whatever) ASAP. Enough of this hormone-laden pseudo-intellectual bullshit. Really. It just shows how shallow an individual you are.

In any case, the arrogant, self-righteous viciousness shown by UltraMENJ underlines why he would probably fit right in with the party he supports, PAS.

Like a condom.
(more hormonal thoughts in the full post)

So, with the hormone-laden tirade, out come the labels. Labelling is a favorite tool of UltraMENJ's. Like swine. And because he personally feels that liberal is a bad word, he uses that ephitet very, well, liberally. Of course, true to form, he also calls for imprisonment of what he calls pseudo-Muslims. And for someone who values free speech, UltraMENJ is ever ready to tell others, who don't see things the way he does, to STFU. Or "throwing 'em into the sea" - another favorite solution.

Is it just Walski, or isn't that just a tad bit, hypocritical? Perhaps UltraMENJ should just change the name of his blog to hypoCritical Thoughts.

Which is exactly the danger that Walski was highlighting in "The New Apartheid" post. UltraMENJ, of course, has done everyone a great favor by actually exhibiting such two-faced behavior.

Oh well, par for the PAS course. Which some say is only a Par 9, because lacking the full capacity to govern democratically, and justly, PAS probably couldn't go the full 18.

By the way, UltraMENJ did pose a very pertinent question: why hasn't the doom and gloom happened yet in Kelantan, and during PAS' reign in Terengganu? The answer: Probably because as much as PAS wants to believe that the laws they have in mind are superior, at the end of the day, they are still very much subject to the Federal Constitution, which limits the powers of state governments.

Yes, that same secular constitution that protects all Malaysians, regardless of belief. The same constitution that certain quarters are trying very hard to change, to the detriment of all Malaysians.

Perhaps, UltraMENJ, after you regain some calmness and intellectual rationality after this recent bout with hormonal imbalance, there is a book you should read, just for the heck of it. It's called Malaysia and The Club of Doom. And if you don't think it's worth buying, Walski will even go as far as purchase a copy for you, and mail it to you, gratis.

So, how about it? Up to the challenge? Who knows... you might just learn something useful.