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Friday, December 08, 2006

The New Apartheid

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Apartheid (literally "apartness" in Afrikaans and Dutch) was a system of racial segregation that was enforced in South Africa from 1948 to 1994. South Africa had long been ruled by whites and apartheid was designed to form a legal framework for continued economic and political dominance by people of European descent.
(source: Wikipedia)

There is a new apartheid emerging in Malaysia. And for this post, the kid gloves of humor are off...

Some months back (in March 2006 to be exact), an article concerning the new apartheid, written by Marina Mahathir, caused an uproar among many Muslims, particularly the conservatives.

Then, yesterday, in response to the vocal protests against the enforcement of female workers' dress-code in Kelantan, this article appeared in the NST, quoting Kelantan Chief Minister Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

Image hosting by PhotobucketIf this isn't selective justice, Walski doesn't know what is...
(pdf version of article available here)

This, more than anything else, underlines exactly what Ms. Mahathir was writing about back in March this year. And without realizing it, Nik Aziz has just confirmed her allegations.

Coincidentally, on the same day, one of Walski's favorite Mutant Mullahs, UltraMENJ, posted this rhetorical question: Will PAS be able to rule Malaysia?

If the latest move by Kota Baru is any indication, coupled with what Nik Aziz had to say about it, if PAS (God-forbid) ever does rule this country, then all Walski can say is "Welcome to the New Apartheid".
(more segregated thoughts in the full post)

If the apartheid of the old South Africa was along the lines of color and race, the New Malaysian Apartheid is defined along religious lines. One set of rules for them, and one set for us. Or at the very least, selective enforcement.

And it is this that Malaysia can probably look foward to if ever PAS were to come into power nationwide. So, to answer the rhetorical question posed by UltraMENJ: Yes they can - but to the detriment of the nation.

It would also not surprise Walski if the various Islamists (even those in government) start to align themselves with PAS as the next general election looms closer. Or another possibility is that UMNO may try to posture themselves as even more Islamic than PAS. And this is worrying for another reason - the further erosion of democratic rights in this country.

Some weeks back, there was a seminar held at the International Islamic University (UIA) entitled 'Religious Freedom and Apostasy: Towards a Practical Solution’.

Practical solution, or final solution?

The proposals mentioned during this seminar ranged from using the Internal Security Act (ISA) to imposing the death penalty on apostates (by none other than FatwaMan himself). This seminar was coverd by the mainstream press, but other than that was mostly ignored. Interested readers may read/download both the translated Berita Harian report and the associated New Straits Times articles (both in pdf), and also a related article from The Sun.

myAsylum will post on this separately in the very near future. Suffice it to say that the prospects of a more democratic Malaysia, particularly for those that are forced to wear the badge of Islam on their MyKads, is gradually becoming nothing more than a dream, slowly facing extinction like the dinosaurs.

Another reason, perhaps, why certain quarters are so adamant on insisting that a person's religion is emblazoned on their identity document - easy identification. Just like the Star of David which were forced upon the Jews in Nazi Europe of WW2.

Religious freedom enshrined in the constitution? Think again. The only way that would ever be a reality is if the original Merdeka Constitution is restored. This, of course, will probably be vehemently objected to and, rejected, by many Malays/Muslims, particularly those whom have bought into the defeatist seige-mentality opinion of "Islam under threat", lock, stock and two smoking barrels.

Democracy is a nice thing to harp about in garnering political support and eventually, the votes. But if PAS ever comes into power, who knows - we may just have a whole new Malaysian constitution to contend with. One that's based on a brand new religious apartheid.

With justice, and liberty, for none.