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Friday, December 08, 2006

A Bloggerhood Welcome to Two Bloggers of Note...

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Or otherwise known as VIBs - Very Important Bloggers

Walski just found out very recently that two important individuals have just entered the bloggerhood (which is what Walski calls the blogsphere). If you've been paying attention to the "What's New" section and Walski's blogroll (both situated in the sidebar), you'd probably already know by now.

First up is Disquiet, by eminent lawyer Malik Imtiaz Sarwar (hat-tip to Jeff Ooi's Screenshots). MIS not only writes eloquently, but is a poignant poet as well.

And the second VIB is RantingsbyMM operated by Walski's favorite The Star columnist, Marina Mahathir (hat-tip to Sambal Belacan). Here, you'll find some musings behind Musings.

Walski wishes both of them a big myAsylum welcome. Their presence in the blogsphere is long overdue, and Walski hopes that you lot will go visit them soon.

On a slightly more personal note, Walski also found out that an old, old school friend, now living Down Under, has a blog, called GirlyIT, focusing on issues pertaining to women in IT. While it may be a bit Aussie-centric (at times), she posts some pretty pertinent stuff relating to the industry overall.

Oh, and remember the "How Malaysian are You" guest quiz, brilliantly put together by Brighteyes? Well, Brighteyes now has his own blog, called Gone to Silflay... Check it out. Lot's of good stuff there!

Thank you for your attention. This concludes Walski's Blogsphere Service Announcement... normal programming resumes...