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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The obligatory blog post just so you know Walski's still alive...

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Not good.

Twenty three days since Walski had the time to post something here. And that, to a blogger, is an eternity. Plus a few.

Not that he hasn’t been online the past three weeks or so, but it takes a bit more effort to post something here, as opposed to Facebook or Twitter. The main reason for being absent is, of course, time. It would be nice if Walski could clone himself, or if he could get a few extra hours in a day above the standard 24.

But unless the Earth gets engulfed in a temporal warp of some fashion, Walski’s stuck with the 24-hour day like every other sorry soul around, and therefore he has to prioritize how these precious hours are spent.

That’s not to say that there isn’t much on Walski’s mind, though. There’s way too damned many things on his mind, that’s the problem.

Cows and their condos, Malaysia being a maverick for a brand new way to champion Human Rights, the prospect of kids believing that they actually came from Ikea (some assembly and screwing required), religious zealots bringing the nation closer to becoming 1Apartheid… just to name a few.

If Walski were to blog about every single issue that’s rubbing him the wrong way, he might as well become a pro-blogger, spending all day updating this blog. That, and applying calamine to his bruised body, since just about every other thing that appears in the news rubs Walski the wrong way. 

The prospect of Walski going full-frontal as a pro-blogger is tempting, except that he’s nowhere as pretty as Nicolekiss, nor is he as handsome popular as Kenny Sia. And there be bills to pay.

And so, for the foreseeable future, you’re pretty much stuck with the occasional post from Walski. Much like this very post.
(working around not being able to blog much, and more, in the full post)

Which is where Facebook and Twitter come to the rescue, preventing Walski from disappearing into total web oblivion. As you may or may not be aware, myAsylum has a Facebook page.

It's a quick way to get interesting (and sometimes exasperating) news to share with the blog’s readers. Walski reckons this is a good way to do it, since just about everyone – and their pets, too – is on Facebook.

Then there's Twitter, that 140-character a pop instant microblogging platform, which he’s sure you’ve at least heard about, if not already use. Do feel free to follow Walski, if you feel like it. Alternatively, he’s also included his Twitter feed on the sidebar of this blog.

Finally, there’s Google+, the latest platform for sharing thoughts and information.

Touted as a potential Facebook-killer, Google+ is another easy way to share articles – and exasperating stories – that Walski comes across from time to time, without having to actually blog about it.

Now, he’d very much like to say (like he has in the past) that Walski will endeavor to blog more often, but he doesn’t want to make promises he can’t keep, and since he the Earth is nowhere near being engulfed by a rampaging temporal warp – yet – we’re stuck with 24-hour days for the foreseeable future. 

So if you need to get your Walski fix, go look at either myAsylum’s Facebook page, or on Twitter. At least you won’t have to suffer from withdrawal pains.

That’s for Walski alone to endure…