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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

When mainstream media isn't free, online media fills the vacuum

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The viral nature of Internet media, namely Facebook and Twitter, is one of the reasons why the Bersih 2.0 campaign has been successful. Yes, Walski thinks it is a success, despite not being able to proceed with the originally planned July 9 street rally.

Although the Patriot and Perkasa opposition campaigns, too, used online media to promote their counter-cause, the numbers speak for themselves - the acceptance and influence of Bersih 2.0 far exceeds that of the Patriot/Perkasa one.

That, for Walski, is proof enough as to which majority supports what....

Online, Bersih marches on

Despite a government clampdown over the past week, online support for Bersih 2.0 has grown exponentially even as news of arrests, raids and confiscation of material rule the headlines.
As of 2am, the official Bersih Facebook group for the electoral reform movement has now 51,124 likes, growing by about 150 per cent since the middle of last month while the July 9 event page has grown from 2,200 confirmed participants on June16 to a whopping 17,039

The Pic Badges ( website, which enables small badges to Facebook profile pictures, Twitter and other social media platforms, shows that four out of the top eight badges worldwide are Bersih-related.

In contrast, the Patriot badge associated to Umno Youth's counter-rally only trends on in Malaysia, where Bersih-related badges take five of the top eight spots.