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Sunday, June 26, 2011

And you STILL don't think Malaysia is a fascist state?

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Walski's pissed off. He is stark raving MAD at reading this piece of news.

A facet of a fascist state is the utilization of ridiculous trumped up charges, leading to arrest, and later release, of those who voice out against the state's ruling regime.

Nothing could be a better textbook example of fascist action than this bit of news, where members of the Bersih 2.0 coalition (who are calling for reforms in the electoral process) are now being charged with waging war against the King, and reviving communism.

It's one thing when this sort of bullshit comes from Ibrahim Ali, but when it comes from the Royal Malaysian Police, it just makes Walski's blood boil. What the fuck happened to a civil service that doesn't take sides?

Sorry to say this, but in carrying out this ludicrous act, PDRM is making it crystal clear that they only serve BN, NOT the people of Malaysia.

Bersih supporters nabbed for waging war against King

The police said today they are probing an alleged attempt by some Bersih activists to revive communism, and are investigating 30 Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) members, including Sungai Siput MP Dr Michael Jayakumar for “waging war against the Yang DiPertuan Agong.”

Deputy Penang police chief Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar was quoted by Astro Awani as saying today that remand orders would be applied for to detain the 30 activists under Section 122 of the Penal Code.

The law was used to prosecute militant terrorist group Al Ma’unah who were involved in an audacious arms heist at an army camp in 2000 and a tense stand-off in the jungles of Perak in 2000.

Under Section 122 of the Penal Code, “Whoever collects or attempts to collect men, arms or ammunition, or otherwise prepares to wage war with the intention of either waging or being prepared to wage war against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or any of the Rulers or the Yang di-Pertua Negeri or abets the waging or the preparation of such war, shall be punished with imprisonment for life or imprisonment for a term not exceeding twenty years, and shall also be liable to fine.”

It is understood that the 30 activists were detained at the Sungai Dua toll plaza near Kepala Batas in Penang while on their way to attend a gathering in support of the Bersih rally planned for July 9.

Abdul Rahim said in Penang today that it was believed that the group was also trying to revive the communist ideology.