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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Malaysiakini: Women to form 'make wives obedient' club

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Betcha this will make global news in due course, once again making Malaysia known the world over. Once again, for all the wrong reasons.

Sometimes, the only ones to blame for Islam getting a bad name, are the Muslims themselves, and this is a prime example.

The kind of logic at work here is truly mind-boggling. First, these women are convinced that women are entirely responsible for the social ills that they speak of. The men? Blameless.

Oh, well, if they want to see themselves, once married, as not much more than progeny-producing sex slaves, so be it.

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Blaming wives for infidelity and almost all other weaknesses of men, a polygamous movement is launching a club to make wives obedient and submissive, so as to make their husbands a happy lot.
Global Ikwan Sdn Bhd, an off-shoot of the banned Al-Arqam movement, is launching 'The Obedient Wife Club' in what it claims to be a move to change wives to be better persons.
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"We want to share with them, so that they will return to play their roles, that is, as their husbands' lovers who will always be there to obey, serve and entertain their husbands," Global Ikwan's spokesperson Maznah Taufik said in a statement yesterday.
Two years ago, the movement successfully launched the Polygamy Club of Malaysia.

(more of this mind-boggling news item in the full post)

Maznah said in this age, with the era of science and technology gripping society, wives did not deceive their husbands. They were loyal, but did not know how to satisfy their husbands.
"When husbands come home from work, wives do not welcome them with warm alluring smiles and sexy dressing sprayed with beautiful fragrance to stimulate sexual arousal - but with stale saliva. This is the reality today.
"Much of the problems in society are caused by disobedient wives who do not bring joy and happiness to their husbands and do not serve their husbands well," she said.
Happy husbands won't abuse wives
Maznah said a husband who was happy, cheerful and contented because he was fully fed with obedience, service and entertainment from his wife would not be cruel to his wife and women abuse would thus not happen.
"He will not go for prostitution, will be a responsible husband in all matters. It is on this ambition that we, the women in Global Ikwan, set up this club," she added.
She said the authorities had spent so much time, effort and money to overcome the problems of women abuse, rape, sexual harassment, prostitution and trading in women - but all of these had been futile.
"Prostitution continues to increase and has become a source of business. Either it is done openly or in the form of businesses that encourage such things as nightclubs, striptease joints and the like. It is not only women who become victims, but also men.
"Husbands look for prostitutes, while not a small number of women look for gigolos. The family institution, which is hoped to be a heaven before heaven, or my home my heaven, merely remain slogans. Where can we find men and women as loyal as Romeo and Juliet?" Maznah said.
She said what could now be seen were strained couples who were neither satisfied with each other, with wives disobeying their husbands and the husbands being irresponsibl
"Wives who they hope will be angels have become annoying queen-control persons. Husbands become so shaggy, their minds are deeply disturbed and their souls unsettled.
"Imagine, if such an entangled husband is the prime minister, head of the army or an important decision maker for the country? It will be disastrous.
"So, the solution is for the wives to change for the better, by being obedient," Maznah added.
The club will be launched at the Perangsang Golf Club at Templer's Park in Rawang on Saturday.