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Thursday, June 02, 2011

A compelling case for Change

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A couple of days ago, Walski posted something called “Dear Mom & Dad, What’s My Future?”. It asked some pretty difficult questions, which Walski admitted he couldn’t answer.

The video was produced by Malaysians4Change and complements a few other videos you can find on YouTube. The video below is one of them, and it does provide some food for thought.

And if you thought that the video is interesting, watch the next one.
(second Malaysians4Change video, and more, in the full post)

Think of the video you watched earlier, and the next one, as the Red Pill Malaysians need to consider, side by side with the Blue Pill.

These videos aren’t exactly new, and Walski is probably guilty of being up to speed (they came out sometime in the later part of 2010).

Like everything else we read and see/hear, Walski thinks these videos should be analyzed and pondered over critically. While the information contained within may not be 100% accurate, the videos do point to one glaring fact: under current management, the nation is at risk of heading towards becoming a failed state.

This situation, obviously, needs to change.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Change, as much as it is needed, is not something that’s easy to achieve. UMNO/BN’s stand, post-March 2008, has been that change from within is better than regime change. So far, three years on, that promised change from within is not meeting expectations. At least, it’s not meeting Walski’s.

What Walski sees instead is mixed-message confusion, born in part out of panic, and in part out of continued denial that UMNO/BN can do no wrong. 1Malaysia, while okay in concept, is fast degenerating into another exercise in sloganeering. A very expensive one at that.

PM Najib says some pretty good stuff, Walski admits. But the reality of UMNO/BN, in what it says and does, virtually spits back in Najib’s face. Kind of like a game of good cop, stupid cop. To be fair, there are some sane voices within the coalition. These voices, unfortunately, are usually drowned out by the din of those desperate to remain in power.

In any case, the two videos present some compelling reasons why change is necessary. The question is, are we willing to change? And more importantly, are we willing to endure the difficulties that usually accompany change?

To Walski, the answer to both is YES. But that’s just Walski.