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Monday, May 23, 2011

Indian government comes under fire as Salafis turn their attention eastward

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Before you start jumping up and down in anger and indignation, El Koshary Today is what Walski would describe as Egypt's version of The Onion.

Muslims, though, are not particularly known for their sense of humor. Particularly the stauncher ones. And so while the rest of us enjoy the silliness (and it's pretty good silly most of the time) that EKT dishes out, one does wonder what kind of backlash they may face in the future.

In the meantime, check this site out - it really is funny!

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Salafis demand Hindus & Buddhists who were Muslims in a previous life to reconvert

The Egyptian Salafi movement has accused the Indian government of holding captive millions of Hindus and Buddhists who had allegedly been Muslims in a previous life.

“These people had converted to Islam at some point in the distant past and they are now being kept hidden inside Buddhist temples and ashrams all over South Asia,” said Salafi leader Mohammed Hareeqa while ominously playing with a box of matches.

05/10/2011 - 18:45

“We have given the Indian government a one month ultimatum before we smoke these captives out and reclaim them as true, properly bearded Muslim men and women,” Hareeqa told EKT, unaware that a small section of his own beard had caught on fire when he dramatically ignited a match while saying the words "smoke them out."

Meanwhile, nearly two thousand Salafis are planning to travel to Bangkok next week to protest against the huge number of Buddhists who were allegedly Muslims in previous lives but now either don’t remember or don’t seem to care.

Interestingly, when EKT pointed out to Hareeqa that Islam does not recognize reincarnation, he contracted his eyebrows: “I admit I never actually read the entire Koran -- have you seen how heavy that book is? -- but if their own religion says reincarnation exists and they believe they were Muslims previously, then we have to respect … uhh, wait … obahhh.”

The Salafis’ shift towards Asia comes after two incidences where their members were incensed by separate rumours of Christian women converting to Islam before being abducted by reportedly Mossad-trained Copts and hidden inside churches.