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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ha Ha - Utusan actually has credibility?

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Utusan sacking National Union of Journalists president Hata Wahari was on the grounds of - get this - damaging the paper's credibility? What credibility? As a mouthpiece of UMNO?

In any case, the sacking was very much expected. Let's hope other journalists with integrity will leave the paper as well. Assuming there are other journalists with integrity...

Utusan sacks journalist union chief

National Union of Journalist (NUJ) president Mohamed Hata Wahari confirmed that Utusan Malaysia has sacked him but vowed today to continue leading the union for greater media freedom.

Hata said he was terminated from his senior journalist post on April 21, a week after the Umno-owned paper’s disciplinary inquiry said he was guilty of breaching the terms of his contract.

He led a nasi lemak “protest” today against lack of media freedom in front of Utusan Malaysia’s office here.

“We’re doing this not only for media freedom but also to develop Malaysian journalism,” he told reporters here after enjoying Utusan-wrapped nasi lemak.

Hata said the Utusan letter dated April 21 said the three-man domestic inquiry panel had decided to sack him with immediate effect for making statements to online news portals that damaged the credibility of the newspaper.