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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Brought to you by the letters B and S

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Unintended humor in the news headlines can come in many shapes and forms. A one-letter snafu, and the world starts wondering when Joe Biden is expected to take the oath of office.

When news of the death of the world's most recognizable terrorist was starting to make its rounds worldwide, many got their B's and S's mixed up, and reported instead that OBama, not OSama, was dead.

This would have been funnier if not for the fact that since President Barrack Obama took office, many right-wingers have been mentioning 'Obama bin Laden' as half-joke, half-insinuation.

And later in the day, government leaders the world over made statements of hope that bin Laden's death would usher a new era of peace. Now that's a whole other case of B's & S's of another kind...

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'Obama is dead': BBC and U.S. networks make embarrassing error reporting Bin Laden's death

BBC News accidentally reported that Barack Obama had been killed in its coverage of Osama Bin Laden's death.

On the corporation's website a ticker along the top of the screen was accidentally labelled: 'Obama dead' before being hastily corrected.

The error happened at 11.19pm as the news was just breaking - and minutes before the U.S. President gave a live speech confirming the kill.

Blunder: BBC said on their homepage that Obama rather than Osama had died

The BBC however was not alone in making basic errors in its reporting and U.S. TV networks committed a series of embarrassing blunders too.

Shortly after 11pm a reporter for MSNBC Tweeted that it was Mr Obama, not Bin Laden, who was dead.

'Obama shot and killed,' Norah O’Donnell posted on Twitter, citing NBC Chief Pentagon Correspondent Jim Miklaszewski as her source.

Wrong man: MSNBC reporter Tweeted that the U.S. President had been killed - rather than the world's most wanted man

She later removed the post.