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Monday, April 04, 2011

Paranoid accusations of a rigged poll

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It appears that some people are just not happy about the results of polls that don’t jive with their own political agendas.

Earlier today, in response to a poll result update via Twitter, Walski was accused of rigging the poll put up on this blog yesterday.

Posting this update is not Walski being petty, or butt-hurt, and so he won’t dwell on the person who tweeted this. In any case, the image above is linked to the actual Twitter status, so you can go find out more if you wish to. Suffice it to say that when asked – repeatedly – to provide proof that the poll is one that’s rigged, no evidence was offered. 

Seriously, some people really have nothing better to do than to make wild accusations without a shred of proof. In Walski’s book, these people are nothing but liars. And the Malaysian cyberspace, unfortunately, are rife with people such as this… 
(the butt-hurting poll update, and more, in the full post)

Oh, the guy did offer a flimsy and truly sad excuse for “proof”.

Here’s the funny and seriously paranoid part – that the poll was instigated by Pakatan Rakyat (PR for short), and that Walski is a PR running dog. Binary thinking much?

First of all, Walski is not affiliated with any political party, as much as pro-UMNO/BN online personalities would like to believe. Secondly, what benefit would rigging this poll bring, in the real-world sense? It’s not like the straw poll – and that’s what it really is – will have a direct effect on the Sarawak election results, or anything even remotely like that.

The people of Sarawak – many of whom probably don’t read this blog, or have even heard of it – will vote as their conscience tells them, as is their constitutional right. No silly poll, much less Walski’s out-of-a-whim silly poll is gonna make a dent in how the people of Sarawak decide.

Oh, and this person is so darned proud of the fact that he knows Walski’s real-world name. Small victories for small insignificant minds… journo, or no journo.

In any case, here are the results of the poll so far, that apparently have made some people butt-hurt. These results are current as of the time of posting.

Plenty of time to cast your opinion, as the poll remains open until Midnight on Friday, April 15, 2011, the eve of the 10th Sarawak State Election.

Of course, Walski has his own prediction as to how the state election will likely pan out, but let’s keep that thought under wraps for now. He’ll reveal it once the poll has closed.

Until then, do tell your friends about this poll, and ask them – politely – to participate. Especially those who reside in Sarawak, and who will vote on April 16. Better yet, you can link to it, and even host it on your own blog/website. Instructions on how to do this are contained in yesterday’s post.