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Monday, August 24, 2009

Pemuda PAS can't dance, and therefore you can't rock

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Not that Michael Learns To Rock qualifies as “rock” to begin with.

But it appears that Pemuda PAS are insulted by the fact that MLTR have been given the green light to perform on September 5th, at the Genting Arena of Stars.

Central PAS Youth Objects Michael Learns To Rock Concert - Eternity Tour 2009: Live In Malaysia on this September 5. At Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands

Walski was alerted to this via the Twitterverse, thanks to @anthraxxxx (with special hat-tip to @bongkersz). So far, as of the time of posting, only the Malaysiakini BM news portal has carried the story, quoting the press release posted on the Central PAS Youth wing website (translation & emphasis by myAsylum).

The Cetral PAS Youth Wing very strongly condemns the Cabinet for allowing the Michael Learns To Rock - eternity tour 2009: Live in Malaysia, scheduled for this September 5th, 2009, at the Genting Highlands Arena Of Stars.

This concert is a big insult to Malaysia, and to Muslims that are observing the holy month of Ramadhan.

The Cetral PAS Youth Wing once again very strongly condemns the Cabinet for making this decision, whereby it is a discourteous act, and a major insult to the Muslims in Malaysia. September 5th 2009 is important to this country, particularly Muslims who are observing the month of Ramadhan.
(source: Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat)

Well, they must be really incensed, being that they condemned the Cabinet – very strongly – not once, but twice. Or maybe, they just like being redundant and repetitive. 
(the rest of the semi-xenophobic press release, and more, in the full post)

Okay, so maybe they just wanted to emphasize that they’re insulted. Point taken. Moving along…

Firstly, Muslims are facing a month of religious observance, full of dignity and blessings. It should not be contaminated by a concert like this, that brings in a foreign group artiste who definitely has no sensitivity whatsoever towards the local community. Surely, this concert will make the community idle and careless, in fact damage their morals and character.

Secondly, faced with the anniversary of the nation's independece on August 31st. Usually, the government will organize “tahlil” (special prayers of remembrance, usually for the dead) sessions nationwide, and motivational forums, particularly for the youth, so that they will inherit the spirit of patriotism. These types of concerts will not help motivate the people to become good citizens, with high morals and competitiveness, but instead will weaken their morals and mental strength, and at the same time will drag them down to drown in the turbulence of lust.
(source: Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat)

There’s more, but Walski won’t bother translating it – you can go read it for yourself, if you must. The gist, however, is that they want the concert banned, as a stern warning to the organizers to not insult the sensitivity of the Muslims in this country. And they invite organizations like GPMS, PPIM, PEKIDA, ABIM, JIM, TERAS dan GAMIS to do the same.

One interesting thought struck Walski as he opened up the Pemuda PAS web site where the news release was posted. It was the image of the 3 dudes prominently adorning the site.

Not exactly very happy campers, if you were to ask Walski. Okay, except for the Eddie Munster looking dude on the left, maybe. He almost looks like he thinks his organization is all one big joke. Wipe that smirk off your face, boy…

In fact, they almost look as dreadfully morose as…

Michael Learns To Rock… Okay, if Walski’s songs are constantly being slaughtered in them karaoke joints, he’d probably not be too happy either. So yeah, they have a damned good excuse.

Perhaps PAS Youth are jealous that they don’t come close to MLTR in the looking morose department. Killjoys that they are…

You know, it’s so darn easy to insult Muslims these days, isn’t it? Or, at least the Muslims these political youth wannabes and NGOs think they represent. It’s not like somebody put a gun to their heads and forced them to go to the concert. Pemuda PAS successfully got Inul banned from performing in Malaysia not too long ago, and Walski’s pretty sure that more than one other music act has decided against coming to Malaysia because of these blokes (because it’s Ramadhan for some, Walski will refrain from pasting a more appropriate label on them).

This is exactly the kind of thing that makes Malaysians loathe PAS. They may stand for justice and all, but definitely not personal liberty.

And this just in…

If the thought’s crossed your mind, allow Walski to articulate: we’re fast becoming a religious apartheid. What, no Yellow Badge on your sleeve? Guess again… go look at your MyKad…

Enjoy your liberty while there’s still such a thing in this country…

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