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Monday, August 06, 2007

Time-constraint Hiatus

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Just to let you all know - the posts have been a little slow the past few days, and probably the coming few, as Walski's inundated with stuff to do for work and home... so much to blog about, so little time... the poll results, who won the Mamak Conspiracy contest, why having an Oxford education doesn't exempt one from being a total moron... and so much more...

Yet another reason why cloning seems to be such an attractive prospect... but until that bit of science fiction becomes reality, hang in there folks... Walski's gotta earn his keep. Priorities, and all that, ya know?

In the meantime, some silliness for your enjoyment, inspired by a comment Lord Panda left in relation to the Devolution post... and as today's news indicates our de-evolution continues...

Are we not men?