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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Police Harassment: Now it's Mrs RPK called in for questioning

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Image taken from Wikipedia, hosting by PhotobucketNot enough that Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) was called in and grilled for 8 hours a couple of weeks back, now they're calling in Mrs. RPK.

Reported via Malaysia-Today, Marina Lee Abdullah has been called in to the same police station (Dang Wangi) this morning at 11:00am.

Walski received several e-mail alerts and a few text messages informing him about this latest display of police efficiency... of course, at the bidding of UMNO, following up on the Mike "Protozoa-brain" Tyson police report, accusing Raja Petra of publishing seditious materials on Malaysia-Today. Walski had meant to post a commentary on the recent polls results conducted here, but time has not been on Walski's side... the results do hint at why UMNO's shitting in their pants, even as we speak...

Well, if RPK being called in for questioning so fast after the police report was undue efficiency, calling in his wife to build a case against him is nothing short of bona fide harassment. In Walski's eyes, anyways...

Walski's prayers go out to Marina Lee and RPK, and hope that God grants them the strength to see this latest round of politically motivated idiocy through...

More updates, as, when and if Walski can...