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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Poll: Your thoughts on The Merdeka Statement

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Walski's just started a new poll (see top of left sidebar), to gather your views on what you think of the recently released Merdeka Statement.

Unfortunately, time doesn't permit Walski to write a proper commentary on the statement - suffice it to say that he thinks it is both timely, and something worthy of adoption as the way forward for Malaysia. It almost makes Walski hopeful for the future.

But the statement is not without its critics, as we have seen recently. Again, more on this later, once Walski has a bit more time on his hands - he's in a bit of a rush.

Image hosting by PhotobucketSo, here's what Walski would like you to do: read the statement - download it here, in PDF format - then take the poll. Or, don't read the statement and take the poll... your choice. Then, tell all your friends, family and pets to come by and take the poll, too.

Walski wants to get as many views on this statement as possible, and they don't necessarily have to be positive ones either. Just your raw and honest thoughts. And if you have something to add to your vote, you are more than welcome to leave a comment on this post.

Meanwhile, Walski's buddy Mob1900 has created a series of Merdeka Day graphics for your use, on your blogs or websites. They come in various sizes, so take your pick. These have been designed in conjuction with efforts being made by The People's Parliament. Walski won't elaborate now for lack of time.

One of them pix will be placed somewhere on this blog more permenantly later, once Walski has a bit more time - he's travelling again today (just a short trip), and time doesn't quite permit him to do much right this moment.

Maybe tonight... we'll see.