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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Car Park Murder

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First of all, apologies to director Tony Pietra for not posting this sooner... but better late than never, eh Tony?

So okay, it's not something that really happened - you know, rising crime rates and all - but it's another Tony Pietra directed episode tonight in the Dark City series, 10:30pm Astro Ria (Channel 04).

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But just in case you can't be in front of the boob-tube tonight, it'll be repeated a few times this week, at the following dates/times:
9-Aug-2007 @ 4:30:00 AM
9-Aug-2007 @ 5:30:00 PM
10-Aug-2007 @ 5:00:00 PM
11-Aug-2007 @ 10:00:00 AM
12-Aug-2007 @ 3:00:00 AM

Car Park Murders tells the story of a scam, concocted by a corrupt businessman (very Malaysian, this is) that goes not quite as planned, because the professional car thief hired to carry out the scam has other things on his mind. His employer's wife, mainly.
(stills from the episode, and more, in the full post)

Hopefully that doesn't give too much away... but then again, the synopsis came from Tony himself, so Walski reckons there's more surprises in store.

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Tonight's episode was written by Khairil M. Bahar (of Ciplak fame), and stars Ben Tan, Yusmal Ghazali, and Nell Ng. Edited by Tony Pietra and James Gervais, Car Park Murder is a production of Niche Films.

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Now, for the shocking revelation from Walski. Unintentionally, and because of various excuses circumstances, Walski has yet to watch a single episode in the Dark City series... yeah, yeah... tsk, tsk... bad Walski...

Image hosting by PhotobucketTony Pietra pissed off at Walski for not watching any Dark City episodes to date...

Okay, Walski will make amends in two ways. One, he promises to watch tonight's episode, and Two, he'll write a review... For now, Walski's gotta go stroll thru the dark streets of KL, to his car, parked in a dark alley behind the office... all the time, looking over his shoulder.

Once again, alone in the Dark City...

Picture credits and some friendly advice: All pix used in this post courtesy of Tony Pietra, and are the copyright of Niche Films. Use them all you want to promo the episode (so Tony says)... As some common sense advice, always be a little careful when in a dark carpark, all by yourself... fiction it may be, but you don't wanna be tomorrow's headlines, now, do you?