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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Walski is a Racist

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Before anyone else makes this known, and before anyone else makes a big fuss about it, allow Walski to come clean, 100%.

Image hosting by PhotobucketIt's confession time at myAsylum

Yes, folks, Walski is a racist. There, he's said it. Finally, the cat's out of the bag - the bag was beginning to be a little suffocating. Mee-ow.

To Walski, there is one, and only one, race that is important - Walski's race, that is. All others can bloody well go to... umm, are secondary.

Sure, this may come as a big shock to many. But not to those who know Walski personally. After all, those who know Walski personally, also happen to belong to the same race as Walski does. As do those who may express surprise at this confession.

The biggest surprise, to those who may be shocked at Walski's confession, is that they, too, belong to the same race as Walski does - it's just that they probably don't realize it. Or forgot, somehow.
(more racist confessions, in the full post)

If you really must know, Walski is a racist who only values the one race that matters - the Human Race.

And to belong to the human race, as far as Walski is concerned, one has to care enough for others belonging to his or her race. Walski doesn't give a damn for Vulcans, Romulans, Greys, or even sentient robots, should these ever appear in the near future. Roombas? They can go suck off - Walski doesn't care much for Roombas, truth be told.

If you don't belong to the Human Race, as far as Walski is concerned, you're as good as toilet paper - you can make like James T. and go wipe out Klingons around Uranus.

Being a Human Racist means that, at the very least, one must dare to speak out when a fellow human faces infringements on their right to be - whatever it is that they may choose to be. As long as it doesn't, in turn, infringe on others to be what they want to be. Funny enough, infringements are typically imposed by other so-called humans. Or at least they claim to be humans; Walski doesn't really know, to be frank. DNA tests don't come cheap, you know?

It doesn't matter if you're white, off-white, yellow, brown, black, green, blue, blue-in-the-face, fuscia, or even multi-psycadelically colored. As long as you're human, Walski's on your side.

And come Wednesday, May 30, 2007, we once and for all will get to know whether or not Malaysians are allowed to be humans in the truest sense. Or whether we still have a long way to go to be able to lay claim on having enough humanity to call ourselves human.

So, are you a racist like Walski is, or do you belong to some other, insignificant breed?