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Monday, May 28, 2007

RSS and the art of Blog Maintenance

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The profundity of the post title belies the simple nature of this post. It's early in the morning and Walski hasn't had his first cup of coffee yet. Well, not finished his first cup of coffee, that is.

Image taken from the Gustavus Adolphus site, hosting by PhotobucketOK, here's the deal - over the next few days, Walski will slowly be reformatting the older posts, and will be adding categories and/or Technorati tags to 'em, shifting image hosting sources, where necessary - but no change in content, unless Walski spots typos in the process. Call it Periodic Blog Maintenance, if you must call it something. Or blousekeeping.

The side-effect of this, per the Blogspot Universe, is that RSS subscribers will see these republished as new posts, even though the original date/time of the post is retained. Just one of those idiosyncracies associated with Blogger.

So, before you accuse Walski of exhuming old posts, and re-posting them as new, that's the real deal. Think of it as an unintentional post-recycling exercise.
(the benefits of RSS, and more, in the full post)

Walski's talked about RSS before in a previous post. It's a nice way to make sure you don't miss a single entry/posting from your favorite websites and blogs. If you haven't already, the myAsylum feed (as these RSS-based syndication tools are called) can be subscribed to - details on the right-hand side bar.

Another reason why Walski is reformating the older posts is to add the appropriate Blogger Labels (or tags, in more generic Blog-speak) to any uncategorized posts floating around. Makes it easier for you to find posts relating to a particular category.

So, in advance, Walski apologizes for any inconvenience and RSS-spamming that you may experience, because of this exercise. But hey, it gives you a chance to read some of the old, old myAsylum posts (okay, granted the blog's only 1 year plus old). Time flies when you're having fun blogging, and before you know it, you've churned out 500 posts - which, by the way, is not too far away. You're looking at #482 right here, by the way.