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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wikipedia: Humorous entry on Yusuf al-Qaradawi

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Update @ 1801 hrs: It appears that this prank entry has been duly removed.

While going thru Wikipedia today, Walski looked up the entry for Yusuf al-Qaradawi, well-known Egyptian cleric, and came across, quite by accident, this portion which some Malaysian (probably) had added.

Image hosting by PhotobucketWikipedia claim that Yusuf al-Qaradawi is from Negeri Sembilan
(click on image to view larger version)

Since it'll be a real eye-test to read, the silly bit of text reads (in perfect Manglish):

Beside that, qaradawi is also a hensem guy, he always wearing a "jubah" because that is a clothes for arabian, he is very intelligent and we all hope there will be more people like yusuf qaradawi although qaradawi is arabian, he is actually a malaysian, he lives at jelebu, negeri sembilan. his family call him "tokwi", he also like to eat sambal belacan, petai, ikan kering, ulam2, ikan, bubur lambuk, nasi goreng, char kuew tiau, cekodok, tempe goreng, and many more malaysian`s foods, and his most favourite food is food that been cooked by his sister madam Seriah Binti Ahmad, he also has a very nice nephew which is name Muhammad Afiq Bin Muhammad Danial, he very likes his nephew, and his nephew school at Maahad Tahfiz As-sa`idiyyah, which is he try to memorise the holy quran, what a great, but, since 1997, qaradawi move to egypt and stay there untill now.

This silly addition will probably not last long, and it's simply freaky that Walski happened to come across it. Just in case, Walski created a PDF copy of it, for posterity.

The beauty (and ugliness) of collaborative online encyclopedic editing, eh?