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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ibn Holic: Self-appointed Article 11 Watchdog

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On April 1st, last Sunday, there appeared a new blog called The Islamoholic. As in someone "addicted to Islam, like bees to honey", quite proudly emblazoned on the blog sidebar.

Original watchdog image from, hosting by PhotobucketThe owner of this blog has chosen to remain anonymous, which is fine, since a lot of bloggers, Walski included, have chosen that path. Nothing wrong with that. But since he/she decided to not adopt a pseudonym, Walski has made the decision to name this person Ibn Holic.

Yesterday, the intention of Ibn Holic in creating this new site has finally been revealed.

When I first registered, my intention was to monitor the recent activities of the anti-Islam movement calling themselves “Article 11″, a coalition of secular Muslims and Islamophobic non-Muslim NGOs in Malaysia which had recently came out with a video series in both Malay and English on “upholding the Constitution” (read: to weaken the hold of Islam and dilute the Islamic practice in the social and legal system of this nation). This was intended to be a long-term project where I expected to go into full gear exposing these hoodlums in either June or July.

Little did I know that this blog could not have appeared at a more appropriate time than now, with the issue of the Subashini case being rejected by the Court of Appeals due to Article 11(1A). The issue threatens to escalate into another round of anti-Islam versus pro-Islam as what happened not too long ago in June last year. Already a prominent blogger is taking sides on the issue, and the battle lines are being drawn. I am certainly well aware that this case will yet again be sensationalised by the anti-Islam forces, as they did to the Lina Joy and M. Moorthy Abdullah issues.

The "prominent blogger", incidentally, is none other than Jeff Ooi, referring to his post on the issue.

Not surprisingly, Ibn Holic, who's labelled Walski an "anonymous bastard", "hoodlum" (by association), and other equally colorful ephitets, stands firmly behind Muhammad Shafi Saravanan Abdullah (Subashini's estranged husband). Forced conversion of a minor? No problemo, says Ibn Holic, since Muhammad Shafi's found enlightenment in Islam, it is well within his right as the father. To Ibn Holic, justice has been upheld. His/her idea of justice, that is. And if anyone dissents, throw them into the sea!

And so with this in mind, Walski warmly welcomes Ibn Holic - The Watchdog - into the Mutant Mullah collective.
(more watch-doggy thoughts, in the full post)

Of course the usual rhetoric of the Article 11 coalition having the sinister motive of destroying Islam, infringing on Muslims' rights, and so forth, can be found on The Islamoholic. It is apparent that Ibn Holic has not read the counter-arguments presented in ACCIN-BADAI Lies, about how it is the collective Muslim NGOs that are distorting the facts. Or he/she probably doesn't care to, as his/her mind's already made up. No point getting confused with counter-arguments, right?

This, despite the fact that the issues surrounding the Subashini case are not a matter of whether or not the Shariah Court can rule on it justly - it's more a matter of jurisdictional grey areas, and that members of the Civil Courts have chosen to abdicate their duty, vis à vis the law and Constitution, as they are written.

Whatever. Ibn Holic has chosen to spin it as another us-vs-them issue. So be it. You can drag a dead horse to water, but you can't force it to drink, no matter how much flogging is inflicted. Whatever floats his/her boat.

As to the true identity of Ibn Holic? From the postings and style of frothing writing, it becomes quite evident whom this person actually is. At least, that's what Walski thinks. However, since Walski respects Ibn Holic's decision to go anonymous, Walski won't offer any guesses here.

So, enough time spent on this introduction, and all the very best in playing watchdog, Ibn Holic. Hope you have a self-righteous, good time.

So, cue music... and once again, welcome to the collective...

Walski's case trial footnote: For a reasonably good backgrounder on the Subashini case, check out this Malaysia-Today post of an article from The Sun.