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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Found! Yin reunited with family

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Muhammad Nazrin Shamsul Ghazali, or better known as Yin, who went missing from the Sogo shopping mall two weeks ago, has been found, and reunited with his parents.

Image hosting by PhotobucketReunited! For once, a happy ending to a missing persons case
(picture from The Star)

Read the full report here.

Walski is glad that, for a change, a missing persons case concluded with a reunion, and also that no harm befell the kid. There's probably not a lot that can be more traumatic to parents, than to lose their child.

And in this case, a happy ending such as this is the best anyone could have hoped for.

Walski's blog holiday footnote: Yeah, yeah... Walski did say he didn't intend to blog today, but this news had to be reported. It provides some closure (and a nice one at that) to a traumatic event, and was important enough to break the self-imposed holiday...