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Friday, March 30, 2007

Silly random thoughts

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Just some random thoughts that have crossed Walski's mind while doing the things Walski does daily. Like work, drive, work, eat, work... General things Walski thinks about that don't really warrant full postings on...

Image hosting by PhotobucketOn Proton
As everybody and their pet sister probably already know by now, Proton is in discussions with Volkswagen. If the deal goes thru, Walski wonders if the new logo would look something like what's on the left, and would the next model be called the Proton Kerak (as in Kereta Rakyat)? Or maybe Proton Kera, for the same reason? Or should Walski just stop monkeying around with such silly ideas?

On the Economy
If the Malaysian economy is doing so great, why is it that almost nobody, save Pak Lah and his dream team, feels good? Strange. Or is it because of all the pleasant dreams he probably has been having? And does having a strong economy translate to higher inflation?

Walski really wonders sometimes whether what Malaysia has is a strong economy, or strong eco-no-money.

On Pak Lah
Speaking of Pak Lah, is it Walski or does he seems to be someplace or another at any given moment, except in Malaysia. Who's running the show, then? The little Napoleons? Maybe Walski worries too much... Governments do tend to be like perpetual motion machines... or at least are supposed to be. Howsy, it seems, has been having similar thoughts. Jet-setting on Government executive jets must really earn one lots of frequent-flyer mileage...
(more random thoughts in the full post)

On the Royal Malaysian Police
They just turned 200 years old. They want to rebrand themselves. Well and good. Perhaps they should start by learning to use the roads properly - like using their signal lights when changing lanes, not ride their bikes the wrong way up a one-way street (Walski's seen some off-duty officers do this) - in other words, behave in an exemplary manner on the road, like what's expected of the rest of us. Okay fine, driving when in pursuit is a different matter - but what about at other times? What Walski thinks they should shoot for (no pun intended) is to be like the British cops, in demeanor, service attitude, and general helpfulness to the community. Oh, and drving in accordance to the traffic laws they're supposed to be enforcing in the first place.

On Expressway abbreviations
Soon, residents in the Klang Valley will have another tolled expressway to contend with - DUKE - Duta Ulu Kelang Expressway. What if in a few year's time, another expressway were to be built, linking Putrajaya to Klang. Would it be called PUKE? And to live up to its abbreviation, would it be made bumpy and wavy, just like the MRR2 (a truly crappy-by-design highway)?

On thought control
Today, another idiot esteemed Member of Parliament, joined the fray of anti-blogger rhetoric, spouting the same 'ol tired lines of how we bloggers sow the seeds of disharmony, yada, yada, yada (see this Bernama news report).

"We notice that a lot of bloggers have been sowing the seeds of discord among the races, religions... I believe there must be a limit."
(source: Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob (BN-Bera) via Bernama)

Image hosting by PhotobucketOkay, let's analyze that statement. Who brandished a keris at the last UMNO General Assembly, made racially incindiary remarks, and caused so much discomfort amongst many Malaysian (Although, we all know that it was just for show - as a sign that Malay agendas are still important, and to garner grassroots admiration). Bloggers? As far as Walski knows, the dudes don't blog. Oh, and by the way, which BN component do you belong to again, Datuk Ismail?

And all this talk about media control - doesn't it seem a tad bit communistic? Oh deary me, Good Lord, no! We are BN ball-lickers politicians, fervently and parrotically anti-Communist.

But Walski thinks only when it's spelled Komunis, with a "K"... so movies with Komunis in the title, a big No-No, but calling for Communist-like media control is A-OK brader... Must be the letter "K" that's the problem.

Note to Amir Muhammad: When you get a chance, re-relase those films as "Lelaci Comunis Terachir" and "Apa Cabar Orang Campung?" Our esteemed dickheads leaders will have no problems with them titles. Assuming Walski's theory is right...

And finally, On Zulkipli Mat Noor
As in the Anti-Corruption Agency chief, who's been charged with.. corruption. Walski recalls this paragraph from Wong Chun Wai's March 4th article in The Star:

Zulkipli has also been summoned to appear before the Parliamentary Select Committee on Integrity on March 12 where he can expect to be grilled by its 12 members, including Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang.
(source: The Star)

Having watched Hannibal Rising just the other day, this statement brought up all kinds of interesting imagery. Of course, the grilling will probably be coming from the Police instead, as reported in The Star.

Like... will it be charcoal briquettes, or hickory chips, that's used for the grilling. Or if there'll be coleslaw served as a side dish. And will he taste better with traditional barbecue sauce, sambal, or tartar sauce?

More importantly, will he taste like chicken?