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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Benjamin Zephaniah and a Poetry Slam

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Tardiness apology: Walski was supposed to post this a lot earlier in the day, but couldn't because of work.

A quick post to give you some heads up about what's happening the end of the week. Two arty events, actually.

Image courtesy of Pang-CentralMarket, hosting by PhotobucketThe first is British writer and dub poet, Benjamin Zephaniah, who will be doing a special performance on Friday, March 30, at the Central Market Annexe (top floor). Program begins at 8:30pm, and entrance is with a measly RM 10 donation at the door.

Here are some interesting facts about Benjamin Zephaniah:
► he shares the same birthday with Walski, April 15th! A few years older than Walski though.
► he publicly turned down an offer to receive the OBE. He essentially broke with the tradition of declining the award silently (see this news article from the Guardian)
► he's a passionate vegan
► he's a fan of Aston Villa football club (but Walski forgives him for this)

Benjamin is in Malaysia for the KL International Literary Festival, currently ongoing. Also performing on Friday will be poet Rahmat Haron, reggae bands Kuchalana and Tenderfist, plus "Wayang Kadbod" by anak-anak Kampung Berembang from Projek Kampung Seni. A preview of the Wayang Kadbod is available for viewing at YouTube.

More details about this event are also available at the Ricecooker site.
(wrestling meets poetry, in the full post)

The other event Walski wants to tell y'all about is a poetry slam event, which he got wind of courtesy of Peter Hassan Brown via e-mail. Okay, it's poetry slam, not poetry slamdown - which sounds like a wrestling match where the wrestlers beat each up with their best wordsworth... The event, by the way, is the first ever Cross-Causeway Poetry Slam™.

Image stolen from Bibliobibuli, hosting by PhotobucketPoetic dueling... and totally WWF-free

Biblobibuli has a nice write-up of the event, which is where Walski nicked the poster above. It will be held at Seksan's, 67 Jalan Tempinis 1, Lucky Garden, Bangsar (click here for directions), on Saturday, March 31, starting at 3:30pm.

Unfortunately, Walski will be out of town, and won't be able to go to either one of these wonderful events. But if you're in KL, and are wondering what to do Friday and Saturday... well, now you know.