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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Article 11 Revisted

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Got wind of the fresh new-looking Article 11 website from this Malaysiakini news report yesterday evening. Then, this morning, Walski saw Malik Imtiaz's post, to the same effect. Then came Marina's post soon after.

Hold the press: The videos mentioned in the Malaysiakini report referenced above have just been posted at Malaysia-Today.

Image hosting by PhotobucketRevamped website, but some content not yet available

Do yourself a favor, and check out the website to find out what the Article 11 coalition is really about. Why? Because there are many out there who have been distorting the real purpose and mission of this coalition, namely BADAI (Badan Anti-IFC, or Anti-IFC Body) and ACCIN (Allied Coordinating Committee of Islamic NGOs). The picture they want you to believe is something different altogether.

And the onslaught continues. This, incidentally, appeared in Harakah yesterday.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMore murtad scariness...

Walski's partial translation (in-line comments in this color, and all emphasis by myAsylum):

Apostasy phenomenon becoming more cancerous, more Malays involved

Bukit Katil (March 21) - The phenomenon of apostasy today is spreading, and worrying, to the point that allegedly many Muslim Malays are heading in that direction.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Supreme Council member, Dr. Badrul Amin Bahron alleged, that up till July last year, the numbers are terrifying, and that many had apostasized to become Christians and Hindus.

[The "scary" numbers here probably refer to the 250,000 quoted by the Perak Mufti last year, a number which has yet to be substantiated]

"If the movement to apostasize Muslims is not curtailed, I believe that in the near future one quarter of all Malays will apostasize, because the efforts of those involved [in the apostasy movement] are well-planned and in earnest.

[Again, similar to the ludicrous claims made by Teras not too long ago, figures are being quoted out of thin air, and not based on anything real or substantiatable]

"Pak Lah says that this is a small issue, the bigger issue being racial harmony; we don't deny this, but the real issue is why are they provoking our religion," said Dr. Badrul Amin.

He added, the Interfaith Commission (IFC) demands that the children of Muslims do not automatically become Muslims, and that is an afront to Islam.

Which again, is not what the IFC is about (more on that later).

What BADAI, ACCIN, and the like, have done, is to link Article 11 with the IFC, and in the process, have successfully bought the mindshare of those who choose not to question. Which is a lot of people.

This is why you owe it to yourself to really understand what the Article 11 coalition is all about.
(more lies, and the liars that spew them, in the full post)

Sometime back, Walski came across an interesting website called The Truth Of The Matter, which is dedicated to exposing the mindset manipulation exercise that BADAI and ACCIN, among others, have been carrying out.

Image hosting by PhotobucketBADAI & ACCIN Lies Exposed

This is another website you owe yourself to check out. If for no other reason, to provide some balance to the arguments being promoted by the anti-Article 11 folk. The Truth Of The Matter is presented in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. Walski will not tell you who the author is - but it is something you can easily find out if you bother to visit the website.

More importantly, this website explains what the background of the IFC is, and why Article 11 and the formation of the IFC are two separate things altogether.

In order that Walski is not accused of being unfair, the following are the links to sites promoting the anti-Article 11 agenda, which Walski has so far come across (do let him know if you happen to know of others). - the official website for PEMBELA (Pertubuhan-Pertubuhan Pembela Islam)
Bantah IFC - site providing anti-IFC resources, likely related in some way to ACCIN (but not explicitly mentioned as such)
TERAS - one of the organizations related to the anti-Article 11 movement

Your mission: go look at everything that's been presented here, for and against, then decide, for yourself, whether or not you should be supporting the Article 11 coalition, or the other guys.

You know where Walski stands, but far be it for him to tell you how to think... that's your own job.