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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mindwarped to the rotten Core

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Got this thru Harakah some days ago. With the goings on elsewhere, and with Jeff & Rocky's ongoing ordeal, this is one of those news bits that kinda slipped thru the cracks.

Some delusional characters simply refuse to fade, and neither do the whacked out notions they bring along with 'em.

Image hosting by PhotobucketTeras: Providing a core platform for delusional Malay minds?

The original article is in Bahasa Malaysia, and can be read here. The following is an English translation, by Walski. The article itself is in italics, with commentary in this color - any emphasis is by myAsylum.

Walski's translation note: The term "pendakyah" used in the original article has been translated as protelyzers. The actual meaning of pendakyah is "propogators of propaganda". It's common for some nutcases to label any religious message other than Islam as propaganda. The meaning of teras, incidentally is core or essence.

Teras alleges prostelyzers using new tactics to Christianize Muslims
(by Johari Jaafar)

PARIT, Feb 21 (Harakah) - Teras Pengupayahan Melayu (Malay Empowerment Core, or Teras) urges Muslims, particularly Malays, to be aware that Christian propaganda efforts to apostasize unwary Muslims is getting nearer and is being done very cunningly.

Teras chairman, Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid alleges that they (Teras) has obtained information that a new directive has been issued by the church in Rome, for missionary movements to change their tactics, in order to avoid being detected by the authorities.

The "church in Rome" here presumably the Vatican? Pretty serious allegations. Of course, no mention of the source. We are to take his word that there is a source in the first place. But wait, there's more...

He said, following the disclosure made by 'Raja Sherina' that supposedly more than 100 students from Ungku Omar Polytechnic were to be baptized in a church at Silibin, through SMS, the church in Rome has issued a directive to expedite the Christianization, and to make the baptism rituals easier.

Ah, yes... the disclosure about an alleged mass baptism that really wasn't. If memory serves Walski correctly, Teras was one of the organizers of the NGO protest group that ended up protesting a confirmation ceremony instead. It appears, however, Teras maintains its belief that there actually was a mass baptism of Muslims planned, despite evidence to the contrary. Delusional? Or just recalcitrantly stupid? Or both?

Azmi Abdul Hamid stated this during his speech at a dialog session, as part of the launch of the PAS Information Month, at Maahad Tahfiz, 6th mile here recently.

According to him, the 'directive' from the world church is believed to be related to the exposure of 'Raja Sherina', so as to facilitate the baptism of Muslims in a more discrete and systematic manner.

Yes, the exposure of someone who disseminated a dangerous lie, turned in by none other than Fatwaman himself (likely to save his own hide). By the way, does anybody know what ever happened to this Raja Sharina after she was arrested and questioned? There doesn't seem to be any news of her, or even a mention of her name, until now.

These fantatic disclosures, like the one made by Teras in this report has its motive, regardless of how true these claims really are. It has to do with mindshare, and it has to do with a bigger agenda.
(more foundational delusions in the full post)

Among these steps, the baptism ceremony no longer needs to be done in churches, and can be done in homes.

The intention is to avoid information about the intended Christianization of Muslims getting leaked out by certain quarters, as had happened in the case of the Silibin church incident, he added.

Among the targets of the Christian prostelyzers include Muslim Malay girls, including those donning the headscarf, whom after being converted, may continue to don the headscarf, and are not required to wear the crucifix.

"Do not be shocked when those wearing the headscarf have been converted to Christianity, nobody knows, this will really confuse the public", he said.

More like you're the one that's utterly confused. Or delusional. Or both. Even worse, what will be the effect of an overgeneralized statement such as this? Everybody becomes a suspect. Everybody is guilty, until proven guilty. Everybody you don't like, or disagree with, that is.

It's another common tactic to make overgeneralizations - it's the big net theory, you see. Use a big enough fishing net, you're bound to catch something. Even if it's only debris. And why using these alarmist scare tactics now? As Walski mentioned, there's a bigger agenda - more on that later.

Besides those having converted need not change their name, the information of their conversion need only be kept by the church, and no disclosure need be made as to how many have been converted to Christianity.

"More shocking is that the World Church directive states that those whom have been converted to Christianity, when they die, their bodies will not be claimed by the church, to be buried according to Christian rituals, but may be buried according to Islamic ones", he clarified.

Which, of course, is unlike the model Muslims of this country, who prefer fighting over corpses, which is almost becoming a favorite post-mortem sport of "concerned" individuals.

But really, nothing would be more shocking than anyone in their right mind actually buying this crap without even questioning the source of information. Such, however, is the disease prevalent among many Malays/Muslims when it comes to any matters related to religion - blind acceptance out of sheer gullibility. The result of a lifetime being conditioned to listen without question. It is exactly this gullibility that makes what Azmi Abdul Hamid has to say even remotely plausible, without needing to produce a shred of evidence.

The Christian prostelyzers and the church are of the opinion that a dead body is not important, because in their records, they have already become Christians, he added.

Ironically, Islam, too, views ones deeds during their life as being more important than how they are buried. But not to the body snatchers, though - to them how a Muslim is buried is all too important.

According to the information received, the Christians have four target groups, including those that are poor and destitute, especially single mothers.

"When a (Muslim) patient is in hospital, when no Muslims see them and come to their aid, that is when the Christian prostelyzers appear to offer help, and in the end, the patient is willing to be baptized", he said.

Azmi must think that the alleged prostelyzers must have Muslim hospital patient radar devices, or something equally ludicrous. But of course, since anyone is a potential suspect, anything is possible, huh?

But consider this: if Muslims at large were actually charitable for charity's sake, and not for the sake of earning God's brownie points, this whole idea of Christians "preying" on the downtrodden would not arise in the first place.

In addition, wayward (wild) adolescents and youth too are being watched by the Christian prostelyzers, including students at institues of higher learning that are 'wild' and with derelict morals, get the attention of the Christian prostelyzers because this group is easily influenced to be baptized due to the frailty of their (Islamic) faith.

Of course, no delusional press statement is complete without an attack on youth. Don't think like we do? Then you're spiritually fucked. No question about it. Follow our delusional way, and your soul will be saved.

Delusional, delusional, delusional. What else can Walski conclude?

But here's a scary bit of food for thought: what if Azmi is not delusional after all, and all this is part of a bigger agenda, "a cunning plan", as Baldrick would say.

In another article in Harakah on the same day, Azmi Abdul Hamid, who is also the Deputy Director of the Peninsular Muslim Congress (Kongres Umat Islam Semenanjung) was reported to have handed over a resolution to the PAS President, Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang, and PAS Information Chief, Ustaz Ahmad Awang. The resolution was drafted late last year, during the congress gathering in Penang. It is the intention of the congress to present the resolution to the Yang Di Pertuan Agung, Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, as the Head of Islam in Malaysia.

Now, it's fine and dandy when it's the Muslims doing the prostelyzing - calling it da'wah - but not when the shoe's on the other foot. Walski has no problems with anyone spreading what they believe. That's what freedom of religion really means.

So, what exactly does the resolution state? Walski has no idea, but the Harakah article states that it touches on challenges facing Muslims in this country. Included, of course, is the issue of apostasy. If anyone can get their hands on the resolution, do forward it to Walski for translation and posting onto this blog.

To Walski, the biggest challenge facing Muslims, not just in this country, but the world over, is getting rid of the intrinsic inferiority complex built up over the centuries, get out of the "I'm a victim" mindset, and then empower themselves by waking up, finally, to the 21st century.

The bigger agenda? Create and maintain a state of mental siege within the Malay/Muslim populace, that their Islamic way of life in under threat, in order that more drastic Islamization of Malaysia can be bulldozed through, and more restrictive legislature introduced. Fear can be a very effective tool of persuasion. Cunning plan indeed.

Walski truly wonders what sort of empowerment Teras is supposed to provide to the Malay/Muslim community. Because, if it's headed by someone like Azmi Abdul Hamid, then even from the get-go, it's only empowering them to be unquestioning, loyal automatons, in the quest to change the Malaysia we know and love into something else.

And that something else is only going to make Muslims more deeply entrenched in their feeling of helplessness.