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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Indian Ocean Spaniard Blamed for the Haze

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The timing couldn't be any more impeccable.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe real culprit: a Spaniard named El Nino

Yes, folks, right on cue, when the Indon diplomats have told us, in not so many words, to F*ck off, comes this intriguing tale about El Nino. More specifically, it's Senōr El Nino's Indian Ocean cousin, The Indian Ocean Dipole effect or The IOD. Which is almost like IDIOT spelled backwards...

(Not to be confused with the IUD which is a contraceptive device)

Ok, let's get this one straight - we know that Indonesia (the government) is not setting its forests aflame on purpose. That's not what we're fuming mad at them for. What we are blaming them for, or for them to take accountability of, are for two things:

i - Non-ratification of the Asean Transboundary Haze treaty, and
i - Insufficient action in handling the fires (as in asking for assistance)
(more El-Nino thoughts in the full post)

Image hosting by PhotobucketAnother famous El-Nino by Diego Velázquez

As to who actually started the fire, whether it was arson (open-tract forest clearance constitutes arson in Walski's book), or sheer act of God, or a Spaniard of whatever name, is secondary. It also serves as a lesson for Malaysia to treat its own environment with more respect, by the way, and let's not forget this.

And no, it wasn't the dwarf in the Diego Velázquez painting that is to blame either... even though it would have made an excellent trans-dimensional science fiction escapade of midget proportions.

Getting all pissy and making stupid, childish remarks about how Indonesia supplies oxygen on the good days is not going to change the fact that we're choking on transboundary particulates.

And printing apologetic-sounding news reports, isn't helping one microscopic bit of difference either...