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Monday, October 09, 2006

Deepavali greetings "advise" - an update

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Stop the press... again!!!

Update - Wednesday, Oct 11 - The Star published something related to this in today's issue. What's interesting is the last paragraph of the report:

"When contacted for his comments, Fauzi said the e-mail was in response to enquiries from employees and was only meant for internal circulation."

To Walski, this implies that the person stands by what he wrote, circulation mode notwithstanding. What remains to be seen is the "official" corporate stand on this. In the meantime, feel free to wish your Hindu friends a Happy Deepavali...

Stop the press!!

There is an update on the corporate directive (or the official term 'advice') e-mail which Walski posted about last Saturday.

Courtesy of Rocky's Bru (who e-mailed Walski earlier) - an offiial in the Syariah Department of Takaful Malaysia has confirmed issuing the e-mail, which discourages the Muslim staff of the corporation from wishing its customers "Happy Deepavali".

Walski had made the decision to withhold the identity of the corporation until such time a confirmation could be obtained. Due thanks also to blogger xpyre for influencing this decision.

Well, now you know.

Walski has also been informed that a local mainstream newspaper is following up on this story. myAsylum will provide updates on this as and when there are any to give.