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Sunday, October 15, 2006

BumnoW: An Xtreme Rebranding Exercise

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Walski, for some reason, woke up this morning with an urge to do some rebranding.

Don't ask why, but the urge suddenly came to him. And what, pray tell, needs rebranding? Well, looking at the current Malaysian political landscape, Walski decided on one organization that's been misunderstood. In fact, very badly misunderstood.

The reason for this misunderstanding is that what they're promoting doesn't fit well with their current image. And the current image is that of a bunch of politician-leaders in training; as the feeder group that will one day become part of the larger organization that these guys belong to. Oh, and by the way, it's a guys-only club, whose membership is the who's who of the young, up-coming politican wannabes. But more about that later.

This boy's club has a proper name, of course, but that name kinda spoils the image that they really want to project. So, for the rest of this post, we'll use the new name that Walski's created for them. It's gotta be a hip name. And better yet, a hip, familiar sounding name (like of a popular clothing line maybe).

And so, from this day forth, our boy's club shall be known as:


But first, their theme song that Walski's selected for 'em (for full effect, play this while you read the rest of the post).

by Love and Rockets

Click to play

BumnoW Catch-phrase
This rebranding exercise starts with a catch-pharase that's catchy. And so, for BumnoW, we've selected something that rhymes

ask me how

So now, their membership can go around chanting this catch-phrase. But a catch-phrase without an accompanying image that BumnoW is trying to project would be kinda pointless.

BumnoW Public Image
The current image that people have of this group is that of budding politicians. You know, pretty boring stuff, if you think about it. And no fun, 'cause budding politicians are supposed to exhibit a certain level of intelligence and seriousness. And credibility.

Our boys club is kinda tired of that.

With this rebranding exercise, that will immediately change. The BumnoW image will be one of rough 'n tough bad boys, getting what they want through Xtreme networking and rough-em-up negotiation techniques. Boys, as they say, will wanna be boys. And big boys will always want a big tough boy image. That's just the way the cookie crumbles.

BumnoW Logo Design
(in the full post)
Now that the desired public image has been established, it's time to unveil the new BumnoW logo.

Image hosting by PhotobucketBad Boy Image needs a Bad Boy logo

True bad boy image! And it can be used as a flag, or sew-on patches (which looks uber cool on black leather). And it sure beats the existing un-sexy, symbol-heavy logo that's a tad bit stodgy, to say the least, unappealing to the younger set, the target demographic that BumnoW wishes more than anything to get in to the fold.

Creating a sexier BumnoW image
No one wants to join a dullish, serious boys club that looks boring. Even with a cool-ish logo, personal image is important. The younger set is more attracted to a sexy, bad boy image. Them young girls simply love the look. And the best way to do this, of course, is a sexier dress code. Not the flesh-baring type of sexy, but the rough-edge, leather image - the cool road warrior look. Uber cool, baby, uber cool!

Image hosting by PhotobucketBad Boy Image needs a Bad Boy look

So cool, so sexy, so bad-boy... then, not only will these BumnoW bad boys attract their target membership demographics, but the babes (especially the rempit ones) will be lining up to consort with these cool bad boys, guaranteed - but not to become members, of course. Simply another way to snare them rempit road terrors, opting for the cool, new look, new bad-titude BumnoW rebranded boys club.

BumnoW: Brand New Breed of Bad Boys
And so, with this new image, new outlook, and new attitude BumnoW will be ready to face the new challenges of a new millenium, unafraid, tough and ready. Rival youth club starting to get a little too voicy for their own good - BAMM!! BumnoW will be there to fight - litereally - with bike chains, clubs and who knows, maybe even the occassional keris. No one will dare stand in their way - Hidup Kapcai! Hidup BumnoW!

BumnoW Rulez!!

Walski's explanatory footnote: In case you still haven't caught on by now, BumnoW is a Walski-created acronym, which stands for Baby UMNO Wannabes, otherwise known as those silly bad boys who wanna grow up to be Baby UMNO. You know, these guys.