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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Surprise, surprise, surprise...

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Guess what Walski found out early this morning?

Image hosting by PhotobucketNever in Walski's wildest dreams... the pressure, the pleasure...

myAsylum has been nominated to the Asia Blog Awards 2006 - 2007, in the Best Malaysian Blog category. In-f*ckin'-credible! A very flattering feeling, although Walski can't for the life of him imagine how this blog could ever have qualified.

Anyhow, myAsylum has somehow managed to join the ranks of nomimees, together with these more deserving, fine blogs (please do check 'em out):
Clueless Person’s Lair
TV Smith’s Dua Sen

Walski's gratitude and thanks to those who nominated myAsylum to be bestowed this wonderful honor... it matters not which is the best in the end... getting nominated is an achievement in itself!

The bad part about all this is now the pressure's on... but it's a nice pressure to have, Walski must admit.