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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Pluto demoted... Dwarves up in arms!!

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Late Breaking Exclusive myAsylum (silly) News!!

In a surprising and somewhat bizarre announcement today, the International Cartoon Union (ICU) declared that Pluto, loveable side-kick of Mickey Mouse has been demoted from a full cartoon character, to a dwarf character. This announcement came as a result of the new, but extremely controversial, definition of a cartoon character, as recently voted by the ICU.

Image hosting by PhotobucketBased on the new definition, Pluto doesn't meet the requirements set by the ICU to qualify as a full cartoon character. Implications of this announcement are far-reaching, as all stock footage of Pluto-related cartoons, including the numerous ones with Mickey Mouse and countless other Disney icons, would have to be revised to fit the demoted stature of the once full-character Pluto.

Reacting harshest to this decision has been the Seven Dwarves, who have denounced this decision as "an insult to dwarves" throughout cartoonland. Speaking on behalf of the other diminutives, Grumpy, stated in a press conference earlier today, "We're pissed off as hell with this ludicrous decision. Pluto never has been, and can never, ever, ever, be a dwarf character!"

The Seven Dwarves plan to take their protest to the Cartoon Union Tribunal Electorate (CUTE) as soon as CUTE reconvenes on Tuesday.

Pluto, when contacted, could only manage a forlorn "woof", despite looking as goofy as he always does, tail wagging non-stop. Goofy wasn't pleased either (although it's difficult to tell with this one). What was most surprising to most cartoon observers was that the new definition had the full endorsement of Mickey Mouse, thought to be Pluto's long-time best friend. What a rat he turned out to be.

Meanwhile, in light of this development, plans are underway to re-cut the classic "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" to become "Snow White and the Eight Dwarves", scheduled for re-release next year. How Pluto is to be incorporated is anybody's guess at this juncture.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPluto to join the ranks of the dwarves in the re-release

Snow White could not be reached for comment, as she is believed to be visiting Kuala Lipis this weekend, attending a distant relative's wedding. Needless to say, all telecommunications in the area were jammed up.