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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kourting Kontroversy

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Image hosting by PhotobucketHi there, boys and girls! I'm Cookie Monster, guest blogging for Walski, who's too damn busy to write anything worthwhile. You may know me from the popular kids tv series Sesame Street. I'm not a monster in real life, but play one on tv.

Today's post is brought to you by the very kontroversial letter "K". Why kontroversial? Haven't you noticed that the letter K has been appearing wherever there's some kontroversy reported in the media? You haven't? Well, aren't you in for a cookie-munching treat!!

Perhaps the kontroversies surrounding our own stable of special Ks isn't as insidious as, say, the Ku Klux Klan of the 50's and 60's America, and nowhere as violent, but still the existence of kontroversies whenever the letter K is in the picture hasn't escaped Walski's Cookie Monster's attention.

For starters, there's Datuk K. Two K's in one name can only spell trouble, kiddies. Ok, well maybe the kontroversy isn't all that kontroversial. Only that he dumped his first wife to get hitched to songstress, whiter than Snow White, Siti Nurhaliza. But since it's true love, we guess that makes it just hunky dory. .

And while kids in Malaysia and everywhere around the world don't have enough money for a decent life and education, the newly-weds spent several million ringgit on their show wedding. Or wedding show - same difference. There's simply no justice in life sometimes, it would seem.

Nevermind, Cookie Monster is happy for the couple. The wedding affair, after all, has even been labelled fairy-tale by a local newspaper. But will there be a happily ever after? Only time, and the tabloid press, will tell, we reckon.

But back to the Ks, the object of this post's affection, you also have Pak Lah. So, so many kontroversies surrounding him in the relatively few years that he's been in office. Krooked Bridge, the elusive planet IPCMC, the AP scandal, the indecision and elegant ksilence (spelt with a silent k, of course) almost characterize Pak Lah's administration to date. Not to mention the little Napeoleons running amuck all over the government; federal, state and local - with some even having the letter k in their names (Mohd Khir Toyo, Datuk Mohd Said Yusof, to name a few examples).

But perhaps the biggest kurrent kontroverversy surrounding Pak Lah, revolves around another Kish karakter in his life.
(more kontroversial kornukopia in the full post)

And here, we're talking about the (in)famous son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, or KJ for short. Yes, boysies and girlies, yet another K with his own set of kontroversies.

Whether or not KJ is really that influential, or merely the UMNO's grassroots konvenient punching bag for all that's not right with the state of the nation, KJ has surely been in the news a lot. The latest stunt, it seems, is the political faux pas of stirring racial emotions, during a recent UMNO divisional meeting.

And then there was that rumor about his own start-struck affair with Maria Karin (even yet another K?) - which turned out to not be true, much to the relief of Mrs. KJ.

Some say that KJ is more (sic) style than substance, that his bark is worse than his nibble bite. But then again, very few Malaysian politicians could ever be accused of having much substance to begin with. It's usually talk, more talk, doubletalk, and very little do. There are, of course exceptions. KJ, however, doesn't appear to be one of 'em.

Image hosting by PhotobucketLeadership, Rambo-style
(image taken from MageP's Lab)

And as always, the first on the bloggerhood scene to point out these kontroversies is none other than our good 'ol KTemoc. Again, with the letter K. Koincidence? Synkronicity? Kooky? Kinky?

And if we dig deeper, there surely are more kontroversies, and all because of the 11th karakter in the alphabet - the dubious letter K.

Big K, little k, block and kursive ones, too. And whenever you find this letter, you can be sure that some kontroversy kan't be too, too far behind - with the next potential kontroversy likely to come all the way from Kubang Pasu.

This has been Cookie Monster, bringing you the most awkward, kunning, and kontroversial letter in the English language... kourting kontroversy with the letter K.

Walski's A-side footnote: Cookie Monster was the nickname that Walski once used when he was a radio DJ in a college radio station, long, long ago, and in a different land, far, far away. Not to mention that the cookie-munching blue guy is also Walski's all-time favorite Sesame Street karacter...

Walski's B-side footnote: Cookie Monster acknowledges that some words used in the post don't really begin with the letter K, but he was hungry at the time, and ate the actual letters.