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Sunday, August 27, 2006

When the going gets tough...

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... the tough go on vacation! Yee-harr!

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Not to worry, Walski's not calling it quits or anything drastic like that. It's just that 2006 has been one stressful year so far. New job, new house... So the Walski family decided to take the week off and go on a short vacation.

Walski's been told that where he's going doesn't have much of communications infrastructure to speak of, so myAsylum will most likely not get updated while Walski's away.

No matter... come back and check in as often as you like, as the Best of the Bloggerhood is actually an RSS aggregator feed that updates itself, with the latest posts from Howsy, KTemoc, and The Malaysian.

Walski will be busy relaxing on the beach, hoping to catch some rays and snorkeling and stuff. Hopefully the rest of the world doesn't fall apart when he's away... Walski, however, won't tell you where he's going. Not now anyway. You'll hear all about it when he gets back, mm-kay?

Now, hopefully our Air Asia flight takes off on time....