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Friday, August 25, 2006

Watching and waiting...

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For some strange reason, the recent events, including GoatGate 2, IPCMC, the up-coming Siti show-wedding (or wedding show, same difference), and whatever else has been going on, and continues to go on, in Malaysia at the moment, a certain song by one of Walski's all-time favorite bands, the now-defunct The Police, came to mind.

And would you believe it? While doing a search on YouTube, the video for the exact same song actually came up as one of the search results! Synchronicity, really. Which incidentally is also the title of The Police album from which the song came.

Which had to mean only one thing... Walski had to share it with y'all... enjoy!

But while you watch the video, listen to the lyrics - carefully. Then, maybe you'll understand why this is the song of the moment in Walski's world. And perhaps, get to understand Walski a tad bit more in the process.

To Walski, the song represents a search for something (not someone) lost, the facade that has replaced that something, and how Walski is observing life in hopes that this something can one day be regained...

Walski's watching... and waiting.