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Monday, June 12, 2006

iGallop: Sexy Cowgirls not included...

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Walski, the Mrs, and a few friends were watching the England FIFA World Cup Deutchland 2006 game on Saturday night, when we saw the Osim iGallop commercial. We literally fell off our chairs laughing...

Unfortunately, myAsylum couldn't yet locate the exact Malaysian-version commercial spot shown, but it was with almost the same sexy cowgirls. Yeeeeeeeeee-hahh!

This has to be hands-down the most unnecessary exercise machine ever created. Which got Walski wondering... what could be more functional and pleasing than the iGallop? Here's an idea:

(see the new & improved iGallop in the full post)

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Introducing the new and improved, iDildo2000 available soon at health centers near you! Dildo color choices galore. Ribbed Option and lubricants sold separately...