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Monday, June 12, 2006

Battle Royale? Or just old foggies wagging tongues?

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You've gotta hand it to the press to make mountains out of molehills. Either that, or the skillful sleight of hand attention diversion techniques. In any case, this is about the so-called battle royale (not to be confused with the film Battle Royale) between the current national leadership and the old guard. Blog commentaries galore can be found, from bloggerhood luminaries such as Jeff Ooi (here and here) or Raja Petra Kamarudin (here [in Chapter 33]), to blogger-buddies such as Ducky (when he's not busy updating us about Christie Chung or the forgotten F1).

Well, as usual, Walski takes the route less trodden. To Walski, it's probably nothing more than this.

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Just one old foggy doing what old foggies do best - vent. And the other old foggy being on the receiving end (more in the full post)

We all know how opinionated the old Tun is, and he is well-entitled to voice his opinions. In fact he's stated that it's nothing personal. Even Pak Lah has stated that his predecessor has the right to vent.

What seems to be happening is that opportunists, such as the Parasitic Antagonist Self-seekers, see it as a chance to rope in the Tun to their cause. Tun may be many things, but he's no fool. He, of course, politely said fuck off no.

And as is the norm in politics, there will be side-takers, of course. Walski chooses to cut through the noise, however, and see it for what it really is. Noise.

And in all this noise, we should never lose sight of what's important, as Mack Zulkifli has so eloquently stated in this post.