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Friday, April 28, 2006

In Memoriam: Veteran Journalist MGG Pillai (1939 - 2006) - The Passing of a Malaysian Icon

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Image from Malaysiakini

UPDATE (Friday April 28 - 1615 hrs): The Star Online has also carried the news of MGG Pillai's passing. They apparently are the first mainstream media body to carry the news (posted around 1443 hrs today).

Veteran journalist MGG Pillai dies

News update by The Star Newsdesk

PETALING JAYA: Veteran journalist MGG Pillai, died of a heart attack at the Universiti Hospital at 10.40am Friday. He was 67.

Pillai, whose reputation was built on his no-holds-barred manner of reports and commentaries, wrote for several publications during his long career. He was once expelled from Singapore over his reports and served a stint as a war correspondent in Vietnam.

He was also among the pioneers of the country's online journalism. His last posting on his website,, was "Globalisation for Malaysia means the foreigner will control what the locals always did in the past.

Pillai is survived by his wife and two sons.

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  • Original post (Friday, April 28 - 1328 hrs): Just saw this late-breaking report at Malaysiakini (unfortunately I don't have a subscription).

    A sad day for independent journalism. Mr. Pillai, Malaysia's pioneer online journalist, passed away due to heart complications at the University Hospital this morning. He was 67. Pillai is one of the inspirations that prompted me to start myAsylum, due to what I felt was his daringness to say it like it is. His site has always been a "daily must check-out" for the past several years, and his presence will definitely be missed.

    myAsylum would like to extend its deepest and heartfelt condolences to the MGG Pillai family on their loss. In fact, on the nation's loss...

    More updates as they are available.