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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Labor Day Weekend and we've got packing to do...

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It's another long weekend with Labor Day falling on Monday. While most folks get to enjoy an extended weekend, my wife and I have this long weekend to pack our stuff for the "big move".

Yup, Walski and my better half are moving. And with that move comes the one thing that we dread the most - packing. Six year's worth of stuff... From the previous posts (if you've been following this blog), you would think that I'm fleeing the country, right?

Well not that drastic a move. Nope. Mr. & Mrs. Walski are moving a little bit further out of KL from where we are currently, that's all. But with this move comes a shitload of packing to do. Why? Because both of us are collectors of "stuff". "Stuff" from all our visits to various parts of the world, "stuff" we've accumulated over the years. And all this "stuff" needs to be packed.

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That's the bad news...

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe good news is that we'll be moving into somewhere bigger, nicer, and hopefully better. The better news is that we have great neighbors. Well, at least 2 out of the possible 3 neighbors in our block. The third one hasn't moved in yet, or even started showing up.

The new House of Walski has finally completed (well, 99% anyway) that painful Malaysian property-ownership phenomenon of renovations, and is finally ready to be inhabited. (More on the trials and tribulations this house has caused us in future posts)

Suffice it to say, rarely is any purchase of property in Malaysia to one's satisfaction - usually because the finishing totally sucks, regardless of how reputable the developer happens to be. And the developer of this property happens to be one of the more reputable ones.

And so, Labor Day itself will be laborious for us - more packing. More boxes every which where we turn in our current condo unit. Boxes, boxes everywhere...

More on the move as it gets closer. T-minus 6 days, and counting...