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Monday, April 03, 2006

Cowspiracy 2: got milk?

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Within 24 hours of the original Cowspiracy post, myAsylum was alerted by this cryptic comment from a reader:

" explains everything. seriously - the cow mystery is solved."

'Hmmm... interesting...' was the thought that ran through Walski's mind. So Walski did what any reasonable cynic/skeptic would do, and duly checked out the site in question (see screenshot below), And what myAsylum discovered did more than just uncover the Cowspiracy mystery - it also uncovered the prepetrators.

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This site,, tells about the plight of a far-off planet called Brittlelactica, whose population suffers from various ailments. The planet has four territories: Insomniastan, PMStonia, Papau Hairthinny, and Cavitopia. Each territory suffers from a particular health-trait defect, but the entire planet suffers from brittle bones (hence, the name Brittlelactica). And this is where the mystery starts to unravel itself.

But first the bad news. What myAsylum uncovered does not involve

Methane, as seen by Chem E geeks

Chemical structure of Methane

More disappointingly, this heinous being is NOT responsible for the cowspiracy

I deserve extinction

Nope. The conspiracy is a lot more cleverly orchestrated than an airhead like Barney could ever manage. And at the center of it all is what the lactose intollerant fear most:

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The mystery (some of it anyway) is revealed in the full post; something I think Mack Zulkifli would really appreciate...

You see, this cowspiracy revolves around the cryptic question got milk? and the culprit - the California Milk Processor Board - and the reason? One of the most brilliant marketing campaigns I've seen in a long time!

Those of you that have visited the site (posted here initially - and continues to be updated), may have noticed that the California Milk Procesor Board is the copyright owner of the site. They devised an ad campaign that would tie-in the all too real phenomena of cow mutilation, associating it with purported cow abductions, then spin a story of how a planet far away is in need of a magic white elixir only found on Earth. Milk.

All hail Da iry!

This is just the first of a series of short ad spots chronicaling the quest for the great elixir. The rest can be found both at the and California Milk Processor Board sites. Check 'em out... they are really brilliant.

myAsylum still believes, somehow, that the methane and Barney connection to the Cowspiracy may still exist, and the quest for the truth must continue.

But, for now, kick back, and enjoy the site - and oh, by the way, got milk?