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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Videoblog: KLCC 2nd Oil Hike Protest (more videos)

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Update (March 12, 2006 11:16pm): Two more videos have been forwarded to myAsylum via the comments, which I will post here. They are from the ActiveHack blog, and can be accessed here (runtime: 52:56) and here (runtime: 7:48).

More videos of the fuel price hike demo have been posted on YouTube. These were posted by what appears to be a new news portal, called DJ Novin Dot Com. I've re-posted some of them here for your viewing convenience. In total, 8 videos have been posted on YouTube, providing a more comprehensive report supplementing myAsylum's earlier post on the second KLCC demonstration.

Disclaimer: myAsylum does not endorse the opinions/rhetoric/statements relayed in these videos. The opinions expressed are purely those of the respective speakers. Kindly refrain from shooting the messenger (or in this case, the re-poster).

The first video shows the start of the demonstration, with the participants marching on the streets towards KLCC (runtime: 2:10).

The second video is a short speech by Ms Y. Kohila, activist from JERIT (Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas, or Repressed Citizens Collective, loosely translated). Runtime: 0:58.

Next, we see and hear an a capella rendition of a protest song, entitled Najib Beli Senjata (Najib Buys Weapons), a crowd sing-a-long. I'm not sure who this person is, offhand. Runtime is 1:07.

As stated in my earlier post, I got to the rally site late, and so some of the following speakers I recognize, and some I don't.

The next video is a short speech by a PAS Women's Wing Leader (I can't confirm the name, but I believe it should be Hajjah Azizah Khatib Mat). Runtime: 1:21.

Another prominent activit, Tian Chua, Information Chief for Parti Keadilan Rakyat, also provided his input. Runtime: 4:13.

In addition, 3 more videos can be found on YouTube. Click on this link to view the complete set of 8 videos.

According to one of the speeches made at the rally (and reported here), the next protest rally, co-organized by the same group, plus the Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC), will be held on Sunday, March 23, 2006, at the very same venue.