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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Man of Steel turns 70

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He is indeed a Man of Steel - not to mention steel-wool hair. Datuk Seri Samy Vellu turned 70 yesterday, and over the last weekend, was returned unopposed, again, as the President of the Malaysian Indian Congress. And so, when I saw the movie teaser poster for the other Man of Steel, I just couldn't resist.

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So, Happy Birthday, Datuk Seri - may your days ahead be berseri-seri! Especially your rambut/hairweave - truly the most evergreen hairdo on the local political scene, bar none.

But with the MIC elections just around the corner, things must be kinda uneasy for Uncle Sam and his crew, what more with the emergence of a splinter challenge group. MIC Baru. But things won't be smooth sailing for MIC Baru either. New and improved? Probably not, based on the opinions I've seen online.

Uncle Sam, though, has this to say.

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The MIC elections will culminate with the National Level elections in June, so I suppose, stay tuned to the bloggerhood for the developments as they come to pass.