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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Buy Mahathir on eBay

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I'm sure it's been reported before... putting in automated advertising scripts onto blogs or websites sometimes produce hilarious ads, like this one, when I was doing a Technorati search on Marina Mahathir.

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Hmmm... buying "Mahathir products" on eBay? Like what, pray tell?

Interesting how these context algorithms work, eh? Then, for the hell of it, I decided to try something else: I tried to do a search on PAS. This is what I got:

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PAS: Sniffer Alcohol Sensor!! Gee... how did they know? Damn, they must be on to me!

By the way, I've linked the screenshots above to the actual Technorati searches, so try 'em for yourselves. Better yet, try this link, which is a search for "Proton" on Technorati, and see what ads come up... scaaary...