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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Liverpool march on to the FA Semis - in style

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This post comes a little bit later than what I had planned, but such is the reality of doing something for fun, where real work has to take precedence. Anyway, those of you who've been following myAsylum will know which EPL football team I support.

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Yesterday, Liverpool made it to the final 4 in the English FA Cup competition, with a total ass-bashing of Birmingham: 7 - 0. That's right, kiddies, humiliation is too mild a word to describe the devastating win over the Brummy Blues.

In other matches, fortress Chelsea also made it to the semis, with a 1-0 win over Newcastle United, early this morning, and on early Tuesday morning, West Ham got through after defeating Manchester City 2 - 1. One more team will be decided tomorrow morning, when Charlton Athletic and Middlesbrough meet.

So now, it comes down (almost) to the final four - I've set up a poll to get a general opinion of who will take home the glory (in the full post).

Will it be Liverpool, Chelsea, West Ham or Charlton/Middlesbrough?

My personal vote? A no-brainer there... Liverpool, all the way!