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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The KFC Molotov Whodunnit

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When I saw this headline (KFC Director's Home Attacked)

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and this one

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two whole days in a row, it just became too linger fickin good to resist - someone's in it for KFC. KFC used to be known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, in full. Some say the switch to acronyms hints at the fact that the "C" no longer represents real chicken, as we know it to be. Huh? Yeah, you know, if it tastes like chicken, and it smells like chicken, it's probably genetically modified Panda, or something equally nasty.

myAsylum just had to get to the bottom of this whodunnit - just who had the audacity to waste two perfectly good bottles of gasoline and attempt the firebombing of the KFC big wigs' home. Who cares why, but who?

Our intrepid streetcrawlers where despatched, post-haste. And early this morning they made their report back to myAsylum central. We now have three suspects.

Was it these guys (the ability to spell is not a pre-requisite)?

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Or this babelicious specimen?

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But through the intrepid crawling thru the clues left behind, by myAsylum's street crawlers, rivaling the skills and script-incredulousity of Grisson & his crew, developing indications now show that the most likely suspect is this fishy pasty character:

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The plot (and the Colonel's super secret recipe flour mix) thickens...