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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fuel Price Up - Consumers Ambushed Again (Updated)

I guess it was to be expected - ambush the consumers with another hike in fuel price. A whopping 30 sen hike this time.

Image stolen from Unforseeable - KL rush for petrol
No prior announcement, again as usual. Right now I feel just like a jilted wife whose husband decides to take a second wife, without informing her. This is the kind of disdain the Government choses to treat its citizens (I won't even bother using the customary "her" - which assumes there is some humanity associated with the Government).

It also seems like the cost of living is directly inverse to the quality of life these days, at least for the common wage earner. Consumer rights?

I understand the rationale of needing to remove the subsidies on fuel products - but at least have the decency of informing us in advance.

Right now I am pissed off. Very pissed off.

And how, pray tell, is this going to improve our quality of life? Not one single bit. At this very moment, I do not feel any afinity for this country anymore; not with the way our Government lovingly fucks with our lives every single chance it gets.. Time to get some sleep. Dream a better tomorrow - somewhere else, anywhere else...